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The North Carolina landlord-tenant law has a comprehensive structure regulating interactions between property owners and tenants. It ensures each party is protected and understands their respective responsibilities. Landlords and tenants face issues alike, and we suggest not engaging in self-help. Instead, book your appointment with the Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC landlord-tenant attorneys to represent your best interests.


Landlord-tenant relationships can sometimes get contentious, leading to various disputes. Some common types of conflicts that can arise in landlord-tenant cases may include:

  • Disagreements over security deposit or rent
  • Arguments related to repairs and maintenances
  • Lease termination or violation
  • Disputing evictions
  • Property damage
  • Rights to entry
  • Health or safety concerns
  • Negative actions in retaliation
  • Issues over allowing pets or pet deposits

There can be several other issues that may arise, and skilled landlord-tenant attorneys will have their unique ways of resolving each matter.


State statutes, local regulations, and individual lease agreements primarily govern the relationship between landlords and tenants in North Carolina. Thus, navigating the intricate web of the NC landlord-tenant law can be complex. This legal framework defines the rights and obligations of landlords and tenants. It outlines the regulations concerning property disputes, lease or transactional reviews, contractual matters, evictions, etc. The law ensures every landlord-tenant arrangement is fair and adheres to state regulations. Navigating the nuances requires a comprehensive understanding to avoid potential pitfalls. Both landlords and tenants benefit significantly from being well-informed about their rights and obligations. If unsure about any aspect, seek professional legal advice – it is always a prudent step.


Being a landlord comes with some challenges, but at Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC, we ensure our clients comply with North Carolina's regulations while safeguarding their interests. Our competent landlord-tenant attorneys can offer expertise in the following:

  • Drafting tenant-friendly contracts
  • Addressing tenant-screening dilemmas
  • Resolving lease disputes
  • Navigating issues with authorities

While tenants often have the upper hand, the law can favor landlords, too, especially with the right lease agreements. In case any issues arise, contact our firm for dedicated legal support. We can advocate for your rights, protect against potential pitfalls, and ensure you remain fair to your tenants.


If you are a tenant, you must be well-versed in your rights, as set out by local, state, and federal legislation. Many landlords respect and abide by these laws, striving for harmonious tenant relationships. However, many tend to exploit you for your limited knowledge. So, understand what landlords can and cannot demand or do. Equip yourself with the ability to prevent potential exploitation. If you suspect any rights violations by a landlord, connect with Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC for expert guidance. We look forward to serving you with excellence.


While many landlords and tenants uphold the rules and regulations and value healthy relationships, some might not. At Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC, we bring a wealth of experience to the table, assisting you in all facets of landlord and tenant interactions. If you are in trouble, we gain a holistic view of potential challenges and suggest solutions by representing both sides. We are assertive, analytical, and thorough with each case. The recognition, protection, and non-violation of rights are paramount to us. Also, our commitment is uncompromising. We aim to provide the best outcomes for all our clients. Through strategic use of the available legal tools, our goal is to secure favorable judgments for those we represent. Our landlord-tenant attorneys can:

  • Review and draft all documents so you know what you are agreeing to
  • Keep everything aligned with the law
  • Determine the best ways to resolve conflicts
  • Advocate for you in disputes or lawsuits

Whether you are a tenant facing lease infringements or a property owner dealing with contractual controversies, our team is here to assist. Do not navigate these waters alone. Let our expertise guide and support you, ensuring your rights are understood and upheld.

Reach out to us for unparalleled legal counsel and advocacy. With Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC by your side, rest assured that you are in capable hands.

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