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If you’re looking for family lawyers in North Carolina, our attorneys can put their expertise to work for you in all types of family matters. We have a command over the domain, the right amount of emotional intelligence, and a neutral outlook, successfully achieving the best outcome for our clients.


Your relationships are at the core of leading a happy life. But things happen, relationships fall apart, and no amount of repair seems to resolve what's broken. It's a difficult time, especially when couples wish to separate, and children and property are involved. There are colliding viewpoints, and family dynamics are bound to change forever.

Beyond emotional turmoil, divorce can bring up financial concerns, such as asset distribution, spousal support, and more. Also, since North Carolina follows the Equitable Distribution principle, asset division can get complicated.

In some instances, an annulment, declaring a marriage void as if it never happened, might be a more suitable option than a divorce. So, if you are in a similar situation, we're right here. The Wanjohi and Muli Law Firm PLLC team can help you understand and exercise your rights, ensuring the entire process is as smooth and fair as possible.

In a divorce, it's crucial to seek the guidance of professional and compassionate attorneys to get yourself the assistance you deserve. Note: In North Carolina, a couple must be separated for a year before initiating a divorce. Additionally, one party must have been a state resident for at least six months before filing. Our team also represents clients in Washington and around.


Divorce is an already painful process; add to it the complexities of protecting children's rights, and it gets absolutely chaotic. Thus, the expertise of a North Carolina family law attorney can prove invaluable in matters concerning kids.

For us, the well-being of children is paramount. Our dedicated attorneys ensure that children's best interests are always prioritized, whether in custody matters (especially for high-earning parents), visitation, or support. In addition, we recognize and advocate for grandparents' rights in certain custody and visitation situations.

At all stages of the proceedings, our unwavering focus is safeguarding the rights of the child and our clients. It allows you, our potential client, the flexibility and autonomy to move forward on your terms.


Family law encompasses more than divorces and child custody conflicts. At Wanjohi and Muli Law Firm PLLC, we also provide expert guidance on the following:

Remember, in any situation involving children, it's essential to be well-informed and protected. Turn to Wanjohi and Muli Law Firm PLLC for expert advice and unwavering support.


  • DIVERSE EXPERIENCE: We've seen everything from divorces and child custody cases to other family-related legal situations in North Carolina. Our depth of experience means we know how to approach each situation successfully.
  • SERVICE: Every individual, family, and case is unique. Whether it's about navigating negotiations or representing you in court, our primary goal is safeguarding your interests in a manner tailored to your situation.
  • UNBIASED COUNSEL: We provide transparent and objective legal advice during these difficult times. With our experienced team, you can confidently move forward, knowing you will receive expert guidance and compassionate support – no bias involved.
  • TOP-NOTCH REPRESENTATION: The North Carolina legal system can often be confusing. You might not know what to do and how to go about it. Our attorneys have extensive training, helping you achieve the desired results in your family law matters.
  • ALL-ENCOMPASSING CARE: Our commitment goes beyond legal counsel. We're dedicated to guiding you holistically through these testing times with understanding and promptness, mitigating additional strains on your familial bonds.

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