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The Law’s view of drunk driving is very harsh. Your life can change very quickly. This could probably be the most stressful time in your life. You have probably lost your license for 30 days and you may have spent hours in jail. You need answers now.

Call our attorneys at Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC as we know and understand what is about to happen.

We welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your particular situation. A DUI is a criminal charge and should be aggressively defended in court. We are ready to defend you in court. The burden of proof is on the State and the prosecution must prove all elements of the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

An experienced attorney from Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC will guide you on what defenses are available. We will work tirelessly and do everything under the law we can do to defend you. We will examine all the evidence including arrest reports, officer’s notes, and available videos so as to assist you to navigate the DWI and attempt to obtain the best possible outcome.