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Criminal Law

The attorneys at Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC provide high quality criminal defense. We work aggressively to defend serious criminal accusations. If you need vigorous and professional criminal defense, call us today. We will give you options and work with you as you restore your freedom, defend your rights, and protect your family.
You can expect us to be completely honest with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We will listen to your side of your story, investigate the story of the state, and advise you as to the best way to proceed in court. We will fight fiercely for you and exploit any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Do not fight the criminal system alone. Call us today. We will protect your confidentiality. We are compassionate lawyers who can make a difference.
The attorneys at Wanjohi & Muli Law Firm PLLC are committed to devoting time, experience, and attention to each client. We are qualified to handle your case and will never overcharge you. When you retain the attorneys at this firm, you are getting experienced and skilled attorney with proven results always at an affordable rate. If you are facing a criminal charge, we care, and we can help. Do not wait to seek help. Whatever decisions you make now will have a huge impact on your situation